Historic Photo Stories

This is the Tarrant Asphalt Plant in approximately 1970. It is a batch type asphalt plant which is now obsolete. The plant foreman at that time was C. H. Covington, a long time, very capable and loyal Dunn manager.

This picture depicts fine grading at the Millington Air Station in 1942 or 43. This was a huge project of about $30 million value performed as a joint venture between Dunn Construction Company and Polk Smart Paving Company.

This picture depicts a structure for the storage of explosives built at the Anniston Ordnance Depot for the United States Army in 1944 or 45. This project was performed by Dunn Construction Company.

This is the first concrete plant operated by Mississippi Materials Company, which was formed as a subsidiary of Dunn Construction Company in 1927. The plant was located on Fortification Street near downtown Jackson, Mississippi. The man shown in the center of the picture at the bottom, leaning on the fender of one of the trucks, is G. H. (Teddy) Stout, a long time, very competent manager in the Dunn organization who retired in about 1970 after over 50 years of service.

This picture depicts dense graded base limestone being placed by Jerry Logan, long time base and paving foreman for Dunn Construction Company. The picture was taken in the early 1970s.

This is a tunnel entrance being constructed by Dunn Construction Company in the 1880s for the Georgia Pacific Railroad. The tunnel is now part of the Norfolk Southern Railroad system and is east of Oxford, Alabama.